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Scorpion Ready Mix/Concrete Dispatch System

ACE-CO's Scorpion Ready Mix/Concrete Dispatch System provides a full-featured Windows-based suite of order entry/dispatch tools that gives you command of all the daily functions necessary to better control your operation, increase plant and truck efficiency, reduce costs, and better serve your customers. The system is scalable to handle control from single plant to multiple plant operations. Interface is available for direct communication with both ACE-CO Scorpion and/or other third party batching systems.


The Job List provides the dispatcher the progress and status of each job, including when to start the next load, quantity of product ordered, quantity of product on the road to the job, and quantity of product delivered.

The Truck Tracking screen displays the trucks hauling to each job, the current truck status, how long the truck has been in that status, as well as the number of minutes expected for the truck to reach the next status.

The Plant/Truck Demand screen is a dynamic chart that gives the order taker a graphic display of how many trucks will be needed in scalable intervals. It shows future truck requirements and plant demand. Valleys in the demand graph reveal when additional orders can be taken, and color depicts the type of order, whether the order is a High Priority, Go, or Will Call.

Each time a load is ticketed, a record is created in the Dispatch Summary. This information can be accessed any time after ticketing. If an ACE-CO Scorpion batching computer is interfaced to the system, actual batch weights, including target and actual, can be found there.

If the truck tracking option is being used, the target times for the truck to reach each status, as well as the actual time the truck enters each status, is recorded with this record. All of the data recorded in this record is exportable for accounting or statistical analysis.

The Job Order form is a single screen that allows the order taker to enter or review all of the job data.

The time en route to the job is monitored by the system and can be set to automatically update this data in the job record.

The default load size can be set to meet job requirements.

A maximum batch size can be set to split batch mixes that have large quantities of one material.


  • Enter orders for current date or future dates from a single screen.
  • Duplicate past orders to speed creation of new orders.
  • Enter multiple extra products and admixes.
  • Enter Order Status (Go, Hold, Will Call, etc.)
  • All Order information displayed on one screen for quick viewing/editing.
  • Interface with mapping software for driver directions.

  • Displays the current status of all scheduled orders by date.
  • Order stack dynamically updated throughout the day.
  • Point and click modification of orders from Scheduling screen for speed and ease-ofo-operation.

  • Stand-alone ticketing of trucks by mouse-click.
  • Universal link available to communicate loads to your batching controls via simple drag and drop.
  • Modify orders with the click of the mouse.
  • Displays truck status by order via color code.
  • Displayed data on screen is easily configurable to show the data the way you want to see it.
  • Interface to many truck signaling products available.

  • Dynamic graphical display of plant/truck requirements for that day based on orders taken.
  • Displays various types of orders such as High Priority, Go, Will Call, etc.

  • Full suite of management reports.
  • Custom reports available through open architecture data storage.

  • Data transfer to accounting speeds the accurate invoicing process.
  • Allows Customer File Update from Accounting
  • QuickBooks and other accounting package interfaces available.
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